Benefits to Being a e-Silverliberty Member

e-SilverLiberty Benefits to Being a e-SilverLiberty Member

e-SilverLiberty Benefits to Being a e-SilverLiberty Member

e-SilverLiberty Member Benefits
Using Silver Liberty’s & Gold Eagles to pay for your daily needs lets you SAVE BIG while helping you prosper during both recession and inflation.

Businesses who accept Silver Liberty & Gold Eagle payments from you can afford to offer you deep discounts on virtually everything they sell. Why? Because Silver Liberty’s & Gold Eagles maintain their purchasing power.

To you, that means HUGE SAVINGS!

How would you like to have a supermarket nearby that gives you up to a 15% percent discount on everything you buy there, every day, all year long? Would that make you go there more often?

You bet!

Have you ever cut out grocery store coupons? Buying and getting your discounts with Silver Liberty’s & Gold Eagles is no different – except that it can also make you richer. You probably know how much of a hassle store coupons are. Buying with Silver Liberty’s & Gold Eagles is much easier.

Silver Liberty Dollar

Silver Liberty Dollar

You Can Make It Happen!

You can help bring this about if you ask every business you frequent (whether it’s a retail store, your mechanic, your favorite restaurant, your online shopping source, or your favorite movie rental place) whether they accept Silver Liberty’s & Gold Eagles. If not, ask if you can leave them a brochure for the manager to read. When enough people do this, they will start to listen!

Another benefit of being a e-SilverLiberty Member is that you can have your Legal Tender United States Coin held in trust in a safe, and secure, location. Members can then exchange their coin with other members for whatever purpose they choose. Regular Audits by an independent agency assures that your coins are where they’re supposed to be.Membership Fee is $0.05 Silver Liberty per month.

Here’s How It Works:

Once your Membership is funded, you can use your Legal Tender Money to spend at participating businesses and SAVE!

There are two ways you can fund your membership:

1. You can go to any participating Coin Dealer to exchange your paper money for Silver Liberty’s or Gold Eagles and they will transfer the Coin to your Membership.

2. Do you have Pre-1965 Coin? You can simply go to one of our participating Coin Dealers and have them exchange your Pre-1965 Coin into Silver Liberty’s.

3. You can go to your employer and ask to receive part of your pay in the Coin of your choice! (Silver and Gold Clause Contracts are available.) This is the best option as you can show your employer the benefit of accepting Coin as payment for his services!

You will spend the money at the store, anyway, so why not first get Silver Liberty’s or Gold Eagles and SAVE up to 15%?
Why pay more when you don’t have to??

Stores who offer these discounts are few right now, but they will soon multiply very fast. They will offer gold and silver Coin discounts on the Federal Reserve Note price of the product or service they sell!

Members have e-SilverLiberty hold their Silver and Gold Coin in trust at a safe, secure location. e-SilverLiberty is NOT a bank. Neither e-SilverLiberty nor the Member receive any “interest” on this coin held in trust. The Member will then be credited in the proper amount of “Dollars” they have in trust. In order to “maintain equal weights and measures” Members will have two accounts.

1. A Silver Liberty.
2. Gold Eagle Coming Soon!

One Silver Liberty, .999 oz. silver as $1.00

Silver Liberty Dollar

Silver Liberty Dollar

Pricing products/services in Silver Liberty Coin is simple and easy.

Find Out More On Pricing Here.

If they so wish, Members can exchange their coin via the e-SilverLiberty website to other members for whatever purpose they choose. Every American may use any medium of exchange in his private transactions. e-SilverLiberty Members choose to use Legal Tender United States Silver Liberty’s, Pre-1965 Coin or Gold Eagles.

Members can advertise products/services in exchange for Silver Liberty’s with other Members.

There is no charge for Members to place ads.

In order to maintain this website and software, there is a 1.50% transaction fee charged on Member to Member trades charged to the receiver of the trade. On a trade of $0.50 cents, this amounts to $0.0075 cents. ($0.50 cents x .015 = $0.0075 cents). That’s less than a penny!

e-SilverLiberty does not exchange Federal Reserve Notes into US Coin or vice versa. If an individual member chooses to exchange his coin for FRN’s with another member or vice versa, this is his private, personal transaction and he is free to do so. e-SilverLiberty is simply a means for like-minded individuals, who choose to use Honest Money, to do so.

e-SilverLiberty is an organization with diverse goals and there are many ways for a Member to help via working with State Legislators, etc. Members can fund their account through a Member Coin Dealer. Member coin can also be exchanged to paper money via one of our Member Coin Dealers at any time.