Privacy and Security

e-SilverLiberty Privacy and Security

e-SilverLiberty Privacy and Security

Privacy & Security

When you open a Membership with e-SilverLiberty, you can be assured of privacy. Although we do require a Driver Licence or State ID Number and a copy of a recent utility bill (just gotta love those government regulations).

Account Security: Account login is limited with a Membership Number and password. Some transactions may require the use of a PIN number. You choose your own PIN number and can change it at any time.

All Coin held within the e-SilverLiberty system is stored at a safe, secure location. Unlike what happened with the Liberty Dollar, your Coin held with e-SilverLiberty cannot be seized. Regular audits from an independent third party assures your Coin is safe.

All your transactions at e-SilverLiberty are private and confidential. We do not disclose any particulars or details unless compelled to do so by a court order of competent jurisdiction regarding a criminal activity, or if we believe in good faith that the disclosure of personal information is necessary to prevent a criminal activity, or to investigate violations of our Account Agreement. In the case of a criminal investigation, the law enforcement agency must strictly abide by our criminal procedure rules. We do not comply with fishing expeditions, where a government agency may ask for account information without a court order of proper jurisdiction.

e-SilverLiberty respects your privacy. We will never share or query a third party database for validating your name and/or address.

We will never sell, rent, or share any of your personal information to or with anyone. For instance, we use our in-house mailing software to send our newsletter to make sure your email address is never compromised. Also, there is absolutely no outsourcing of any member information to a third party “help desk” vendor or an offshore facility. Our privacy goes beyond protecting your personal information; we do not disclose aggregate statistics, such as visitor demographics, transaction volumes and how many members joined e-SilverLiberty. We believe such statistics are fun and entertaining; however, they represent a privacy and security issue.

Privacy of Your Email Address
e-SilverLiberty offers you the option to keep your email address private.

Use of Cookies
Cookies are necessary for maintaining a session when you login to e-SilverLiberty. Without cookies, all pages would be static and you would not be able to view your balance nor make any trades. However, for security reasons, we never store your password in a cookie.

Fraud Prevention
In order to combat fraud, we have to record everything from your IP address to your transaction history. We retain such information for five years in case of a criminal investigation.

No Third Party Statistics
Because of privacy concerns, we do not use any third party tools to compile visitor statistics. Instead, we use our own in-house software to analyze our logs and compile statistics about the popularity of our web pages so that we can improve our website according to the preferences of our members.

Information Safety
We take great care to keep your private information safe and secure. We use encryption before writing sensitive information to disk and we archive our encrypted logs to a secret remote server. We keep at minimum the amount of data we retain on the main server, thus reducing the incentive to steal private data, and reducing potential damages in case the database is stolen. Also, keeping a lean database gives a great performance boon.

e-SilverLiberty goes the extra mile and implements numerous security features to protect your account from unauthorized access.